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    i want to join


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    i want to join

    Post  batman on Sat Feb 14, 2009 9:22 am

    How old are you?12

    Where are you from?U.S.A

    Tell a little bit about yourself...i like cookies and cake and cup cakes

    How long have you played Empire Earth Two?idk like a year

    What is your main Empire Earth Two name? (NO SMURFS -_-)Batman456

    What is your best Empire Earth Two Rating (This doesn't mean everything).around 1600

    What are your best sets in EE2?anything really

    Why do you want to join our clan?cuz i think its a cool clan

    What other clans have you been in?usg rogue and others but i cant remember name

    How did you find this site?gunny

    Do you like the site?yeah

    How can you help our clan be good?idk how do u need help

    Please fill out all these questions!

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